Lexus Shock & Strut Replacement in Spokane, WA

Lexus Shock and Strut replacement in Spokane

Lexus Shock/Strut Replacement at Larry H. Miller Lexus Spokane

When your Lexus needs new shocks or struts for its suspension, schedule an appointment with our service department at Larry H. Miller Lexus Spokane. The shocks and struts of your suspension make up two important components designed to maintain balance and handling. While some might think only off-road vehicles need proper suspension repairs, you will find proper shock/strut maintenance essential for your Lexus. You can schedule an appointment online through our service portal and come see us at Larry H. Miller Lexus Spokane on W 3rd St in Spokane WA.

What Are Shocks and Struts?

While different parts, and not interchangeable, the shocks and struts of your suspension serve the same purpose: to dampen the movements of the springs and prevent excessive bouncing. However, the struts also make up a crucial part of the vehicle's steering and affect the angles of alignment. As such, you cannot replace a shock with a strut and vice versa.

When do Shocks/Struts Require Replacement?

Most technicians generally recommend replacing these parts around 50,000 miles. However, this point represents a general guideline, so you should consider other factors at play. If you tend to drive across more adverse conditions like potholes or generally bumpy roads, you should consider shock/strut replacement in Spokane sooner. Likewise, if you tend to take your Lexus SUV off-road more often, you should consider suspension maintenance sooner as well.

How Do I Know Shocks/Struts Need Replacement?

If left untreated, you will notice the signs of bad shocks/struts in your suspension. You might notice the Lexus bouncing more excessively or bottoming out when backing out of the driveway. Bad struts affect steering and drivetrain, the signs of which manifest through excessive swaying or leaning when driving. Suspension issues also present themselves through a distinct knocking sound from the underside of the car when driving, even on smooth surfaces.

Schedule a Repair Today

When you need replacement shocks/struts for your Lexus, schedule a service appointment and come see us here at Larry H. Miller Lexus Spokane today. See you soon!


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