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Fuel System Service

Fuel System Cleaning/Service at Larry H. Miller Lexus Spokane

When your fuel system comes due for cleaning and maintenance, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with us today at Larry H. Miller Lexus Spokane. While it might remain unnoticed by some customers, the fuel delivery system of your car requires cleaning every so often to ensure it continues to function properly. A fuel system service enables our technicians to replace necessary parts and ensure gas travels to your engine for processing properly, maintaining optimal fuel economy. Schedule an appointment and come see us today at Larry H. Miller Lexus Spokane.

How Does the Duel Delivery System Work?

Many customers think that gas simply travels from the tank into the engine for ignition. In reality, the fuel you pump from the service station runs through a complex system. This system takes the fuel from the tank, adds air for efficiency, atomizes the mixture, and injects it into the engine for energy.

Why Does the System Need Cleaning?

As with the oil delivery system, the fuel system can accumulate grime both from the engine and from particulates mixed in with gas station fuel. The fuel pump and filter both keep outside elements out of the engine, but these parts wear on over time and must undergo replacement around 30,000 miles.

When Should I Schedule a Fuel System Service?

We recommend you schedule this maintenance procedure around 30,000 miles, when the fuel filter and other parts of your Lexus might require replacement. If you tend to commute or drive more frequently, you may wish to consider fuel service sooner.

What Happens When the Fuel System Remains Unclean?

Keeping the fuel delivery system maintained represents an integral part of regulating fuel economy and carbon emissions. An untreated fuel delivery system will result in decreased performance, failure to achieve optimal horsepower, and decreased fuel efficiency over time. Lack of maintenance in the fuel system can also increase carbon emissions, with extreme cases resulting in black soot emanating from the tailpipe.

Schedule a Fuel System Service Today!

When your fuel delivery system comes due for service, do not wait. Schedule a service appointment at Larry H. Miller Lexus Spokane and come see us today!


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