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Lexus Coolant Service

Coolant Service in Spokane at Larry H. Miller Lexus Spokane

Every so often, the coolant of your Lexus might require attention, so you should bring your car in to our service center at Larry H. Miller Lexus Spokane. Each Lexus with an engine carries coolant to keep the engine at a stable temperature and provide corrosion prevention. However, as with most other fluids, the coolant will expire and loser its potency if left unused in the reservoir. At Larry H. Miller Lexus Spokane, we can flush out the system and replace your coolant with Lexus-approved anti-freeze. Schedule a service appointment today and come see us on W 3rd St in Spokane, WA.

What Exactly Does Coolant Do?

The coolant, or anti-freeze, of your Lexus serves three main functions. First, it lowers the freezing point of your engine to help prevent freezing, which causes damage to the engine in the winter months. Second, it raises the boiling point during hotter months and enables the engine to withstand hotter temperatures. Finally, the coolant contains chemicals to prevent corrosion (rust) buildup in the radiator and other cooling systems of the engine.

Does Coolant Need Flushing/Replacement?

Assuming your Lexus maintains consistent coolant levels during temperature extremities, it might require a coolant flush in the long-term. Over time, the coolant can lose its potency, but its toxicity increases. Without proper coolant, the corrosion inhibitors of your engine stop working, which can lead to rust buildup and other harmful grime clogging the radiator and engine. We recommend a coolant flush once every few years.

What Happens When Coolant Expires/Runs Out?

As previously mentioned, the coolant helps to regulate engine temperature and prevent corrosion. A loss in coolant or its potency will lead to increased engine overheating or shutdowns in cooler temperatures. Increased corrosion in the radiator or engine can also lead to long-term damage.

Why LHM Lexus Spokane?

Our service center carries Lexus-approved coolant and our technicians all carry full Lexus certification. Likewise, our facility comes equipped with resources to dispose of old coolant properly, according to federal and state regulations. Expired coolant remains a toxic waste product and which one simply cannot empty into a waste disposal area.

Schedule a coolant service when needed and come see us today at Larry H. Miller Lexus Spokane!


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